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Nowadays the usages of mobile phones are increased because of online chat and online games and games are mostly played by Children’s and Teenagers. In online games you can see different types of games and the player can choose based on their desire. The Clash Royale is one of the games it is a video game and it can be played by using mobile phones. It is a multiplayer game and the maximum levels in the game are thirteen and the player will get best score based on his destroying skills. How a player can win a battle means by damaging more towers than the opponent. A player can hold a maximum of 4 chests at one time and also the free chests are given to the player once every 4 hours. To win at the game means always balance your Clash Royale deck and use units that only attack towers and also play the game with audio to understand better while playing. Then build pushes from the back and sacrifice towers when all is lost and take a break during losing streaks and also spend your money wisely and these are lead to victory.

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Clash Royale Cards:

In Clash Royale game you can see many cards and they are used to attack their opponent team towers and also used to defend our self. The player needs to know about the cards and they are,

  • Archers: One of the popular card and it can be used for training camp and it has medium hit point and low damage traits. The hit speed and the damage are different form each level as the hit speed is 1.2 and it can target the air and ground.
  • Baby Dragon: You can get the card from the training camp and they can attack both air and group units with the powerful fire balls. The hit speed is 1.6 and the movement speed is fast and this is a very useful card.
  • Balloon: The balloon is unlocked from Arena 2 and this is a powerful card which targets buildings only. The hit speed is 3sec and the speed is medium.
  • Giant: They are unlocked from the training camp they are wearing a large brown coat and have bushy eyebrows and its hit speed is 1.5.

Using these cards you can easily win at the game and also win a battle.

How to get the needed resources

In the game you can get Gems, Gold and so on when you win the game or moving to the next level. Using this clash royale hack apk you can get the free Gems that are important to play and win at the game and free gold are used increase your strength. Because of this online hack tool there is no need to download any other software as you want to get this hack tool means first enter your user name then choose the number of resources then finally click generate. This article is really a useful one for you to win at the game and also know how to get the cards and hack tool.

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